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SCM was founded by the municipalities of Somerville, Cambridge, and Medford (SCM) in 1981 with the goal of meeting critical mobility needs of seniors and persons with disabilities. More three decades later, SCM is delighted to be one of greater Boston’s longest-standing and most beloved nonprofit providers of transportation solutions. Our drivers cheerfully convey riders to medical appointments and treatments, adult day care centers, shopping centers, grocery stores, meal sites, arts and culture events, and to visit their loved ones. Over time the letters “SCM” have come to mean “Safety, Comfort, and Mobility.” In the words of one of our riders, “SCM means freedom for seniors.”

Today, SCM operates a fleet of 21 fully equipped and accessible paratransit vehicles. We serve approximatley 3,300 individuals, providing more than 8,000 one-way trips every month (over 96,600 trips in FY 2016). Our drivers are on the road 8 to 10 hours per day, six days a week. More than 90% of our riders are senior citizens; more than 40% have mobility impairments; and more than 80% are low-to-moderate income.

An important piece of SCM’s success is our ability to coordinate the needs of multiple agencies and stakeholders. To meet our riders’ needs, we partner with more than thirty local municipalities, councils on aging, commissions for persons with disabilities, and elder service agencies. Our relationships with these agencies, and with our riders, makes it possible for us to provide efficient and coordinated transportation options.